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BASE School Italia

BASE Jumping, wingsuit flying and paragliding

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B - Building

A - Antenna

S - Span

E - Earth


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Nov, 2011

BASE School Italia

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Welcome to the BASE School Italia Website, have a look around and if you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us.

About B.S.I.

The school’s main instructor is James Boole (BASE 880). James has performed close to a thousand jumps from hundreds of objects all over the world.

In addition to fun jumping James has also participated in public demonstrations, record attempts and film & TV projects. Click here to see his demo reel.

Parachute jumps from fixed objects have been recorded throughout human history but it wasn’t until the late 1970s that the extreme sport came of age and was named B.A.S.E. jumping by Californian Carl Boenish.

The early jumpers were true pioneers and took incredible personal risks to define the techniques and equipment used by modern BASE jumpers.

BASE jumping is a hazardous activity but with the correct approach the risks can be made acceptable, illustrated in part by the many jumpers in the world with over a 1000+ jumps.

That said injury is common and serious injury and death are still possible outcomes, know what you are getting into:

Inexperience and/ or poor preparation are often factors in accidents so the BASE School strives to teach a “sustainable” approach to jumping, starting with a more forgiving slider down bridge to learn the basics before moving on to slider up jumps .

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